Collection: Cosmo Seasons Variegated

COSMO Variegated Embroidery Thread - 6 strand

The popular Cosmo embroidery floss size 25 is made exclusively out of extra long staple Egyptian cotton of top quality.

Lecien's secret to producing their superior quality embroidery products is their strong commitment to using only the best raw materials and manufacturing processes which results in vivid colours and soft silky textures.

Features of Seasons 5000's

  •  40 colours in this great selection of variegated threads.
  • Colour changes evenly every 8cms.

Features of Seasons 8000’s

  • Gentle colour-gradation. Colors changed every 30 cm/11.81 inch - ideal for full-scale embroidery and large patterns.
  • Used to more naturally and beautifully embroider sceneries of the four seasons
  • The 8000’s, the very first of the range of Seasons threads, has a wide range of pink and green colors most frequently selected for seasonal sceneries.
  • Available in 80 colors

Feature of Cosmo Seasons 9000's.

  • Short and random colour-pitches.
  • Colour-change with random pitches produces dynamic gradation in small motifs.
  • Vivid colourway.
  • Eye-catching vivid colourway is also suited for one-point stitching.

This makes Cosmo size 25 an absolute joy to work with!

8 metres per skein