Machine Quilting

The Crafters Cottage offers a quality machine quilting service using an Amara Handi Quilter with Prostitcher Premium.

Quilt Pricing:

The cost of quilting is determined by 2 factors: the size of the quilt and the requested quilting style. Wadding & backing is not included, so you can either bring your own or purchase though us with a 10% discount.

Loads of different edge to edge designs are available and price is calculated at $4.00 per sq foot (thread included in our price)

As a guide a quilt that measures 75in x 90in would cost:

75in x 90in = 6750 sq inches
6750 sq inches / 144 sq inches = 46.875 sq feet
46.875 x $4 = $187.50

*Please note: once we receive the quilt, we will confirm the quote before starting work on it.

Contact Us

Consult with us for the right finish for your quilt, whether simple or complex.

We accept quilts in the mail or bring them in personally. We are always happy to provide you with a quote over the phone, via email or in person.

STORE ADDRESS:  62 Dalgarno St, Coonabarabran NSW 2357

PHONE:  0407 940 792


Wadding/Batting& Extra Wide Backing Fabric

We offer a variety of waddings such as 100% cotton, Wool/poly blend, or 100% polyester.

You can also explore our wide range of quilt backings and standard 115cm wide fabric.