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A Twist in Time

A Twist in Time

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Perfect for a quilt centrepiece, A Twist in Time is a feast for the eyes. 

Due to the length of the pieces, it is only suitable for glue basting. See instructions below.

Diameter of finished circle is 20". 

Templates come with a full colour pattern.

Thanks and credit to @lindabaldwin467 for the beautiful sample photos of alternate colouring ideas.


 Instructions for sewing...

1. Lay out your templates on a mat so that they look like the following diagram

2. Begin by covering all of the templates using the glue basting method.
3. Sew together the individual sections for the inner and outer ring for each of 20 fabrics. 

4. Construct each ring, using the picture as a guide.

5. Press down the outer edges of the smaller of the two rings and applique in place on to the larger ring. 
6. Repeat this process with the small plain circle to cover the hole in the small ring. 
7. Press down the outer edges of the completed piece and applique in place on your background fabric. 

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