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By Annie

PBA223 - Baby Travel Accessories

PBA223 - Baby Travel Accessories

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Babies will love the soft, cushiony feel of this changing pad/playmat made with Soft and Stable. Parents will appreciate the convenience of a pad with pockets for carrying diapering supplies which can be folded to fit into a diaper bag and launders easily. Quick and easy to make, the Piddle Pad/Playmat makes a great shower gift for any new parent.

Designed for on the go feeding, the Bottle Carrier holds most sizes of baby bottles. Carrier features a zippered closure plus a top handle and side strap with swivel hook closure. Soft and Stable gives good insulation to the bottle. Add a freezer gel pack for added cooling.

The Pacifier Pouch with zippered closure carries pacifiers or small toys in elasticized inner mesh pockets and has a strap for easy attachment to stroller or other bags.

Piddle Pad/Playmat  28.5" in diameter


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