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Resant Polyester/Cotton | R76 0013

Resant Polyester/Cotton | R76 0013

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Resant Polyester/Cotton Core Spun Thread - 120 tex24 - 1000m

Rasant is a polyester/cotton core spun thread with a smooth and textile surface. With the combination of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, Rasant core spun thread is extremely high performing.

Rasant thread can be used for quilting, piecing, general sewing and applique but it is especially beloved by machine quilters.  Rasant thread is incredibly convenient to work with as it breaks less often when using a long arm machine. Recommended needle size - 70/10 or 80/12

You can choose to purchase from the 108 colours we have in store, or alternatively purchase any of the remaining colours by phoning Deb on 0407 940 792 and pre ordering.

Rasant thread is available in 300 colours.

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