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SEWLINE - 15th Anniversary Set

SEWLINE - 15th Anniversary Set

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A great gift set 

The Sewline 15th Anniversary Set contains the following:

  • Sewline Styla ( Water erasable Roller Ball) - Special self erasing ink system, easily removed with water
  • Sewline Air Erasing Roller Ball - Special self erasing ink gives sharp, clear line which gradually fades away
  • Sewline Glue Stick (Temporary adhesive glue) - No need for pins, the coloured glue dries clear, water soluable
  • Sewline TRIO Colours - Convenient drafting tool, just rotate grip to advance a Black, Pink or White lead
  • Sewline Snippets 5.5" scissors - Fine tapered point stays sharp, cut ease for the right or left handed
  • Sewline Stayer Brown Permanent Fine Marker - The 0.5mm fine point permanent marker, water proof and low odor
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